Dog Gear


My little chiweenie has these harnesses and we love them!  It super easy to control her and pick her up if we need to.  Check ours out on Amazon!


We sure do go through our pee-pads!  Check these out, we order them all the time from Amazon!  Our chiweenie hates to go potty in the rain, so she uses these!


Dog Crates

We transport our little chiweenie all over in her dog crate.  I highly recommend this one from Amazon!  Since, she is only 8 lbs, we don’t have a very big one.


Dog beds

I am going to be 100% honest, Chiweenie loved to sleep on her dog bed when we are away from home.  Don’t get me wrong she loves our bed too.  She uses this one from Amazon!  

Security Camera

To watch your pet when your away.  Super awesome and you can get them at a super good price on Amazon! With the Neat Neat app, it totally rocks!  Such a good price!!