Can dogs wear shoes on hot pavement?

I was walking my chiweenie (Charlotte) the other day and by the end of our walk I did not realize how hot the pavement had become. I asked myself can dogs wear shoes on hot surfaces?

Through my research the answer is many surfaces can get very hot and yes these surfaces can cause harm to your pet!

I was worried about my little chiweenier’s and her little paws over all the places where i walk her. She goes over sand, grass, artificial turf, concrete and asphalt! In Southern California it gets really hot here and especially on these trails it can get really bad for her paws! I kept her in the shady places where it was not so hot for her little paws.

Most of the time she will tell me it’s too hot by stopping and wanting to be picked up. She is quite the little manipulative one when it come to her moods.

How can you tell if the surface is too hot for your furry friend? Place the back of your hand on the surface. If you cannot hold it there for 7 seconds, it’s too hot!

Have you ever tried to go to the beach and then tried to walk across the hot sand? Image this now for your dog? The poor little guy will be going along with you but be very uncomfortable. It’s best to be overly cautious and be mindful of your dog too. Ask yourself a simple question of, “could I walk this barefoot?”

If the answer to that question is definitely not, then the surface is too hot for your dog.

When should I walk my dog?

The best times that you should walk your dog are in the morning and in the evenings. This will ensure that the temperature is not too extreme for the pads of your beloved pet! Now use caution when there is extreme weather of course. Don’t leave your dog indoors without proper ventilation and or some sort of water supply for the entire day!

Naturally when you wake up your dog will have the same urge to go potty in the morning. As with habits you have naturally trained your dog to have to go outside in the morning. Also, you have trained your dog to go before bed as well. This just seems convenient and goes right alongside with the weather.

If it is extremely hot, I would suggest making arrangements to have someone like dog walker, walk your pet during the day. Most dog walkers should know where to safely walk your pet and have their best interest of your pet in mind. Most dog walkers want your dog to be hydrated and exercised or else’s they would be out of business!

What ways can I keep my dog hydrated on hot days?

If you are gone most of the time and your dog is kept indoors, these tips may not be feasible.

Take a bowl of water and put some of your dogs favorite treats in it. Place it in the freezer the night before. Turn it upside down and now your dog has a great way to stay cool and get some treats in the process!

Make sure your dog has plenty of water to drink throughout the day. Get one of those water fountains for your dog to keep the water recycling. Quick tip is to not introduce this to your dog on the hottest day of the year. Some dogs take some time to get used to these water feeders.

If your dog is staying indoors all day, make sure you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature. I usually set my Nest to 75 degrees. I love the Nest for the simple fact that I can adjust the temperature of the house when I am not home to make sure it is just comfortable enough for the chiweenie. Most of the time she is in a pillow on the couch or resting on a blanket on the bed. She only subjects herself to extreme heat by her own sheer will. That small ray of sunshine will warm her up on those cool laminate floors.

Can I get my dog to wear boots?

My dog is mainly chihuahua and they hate things touching their feet! She absolutely does not like getting her nails trimmed. She is not a candidate for boots at all!

Some dogs you can have great success with boots. Wait till the dog is relaxed, then slowly introduce/pit on the shoes to the dog . Most dogs it is entirely normal that they walk funny when they first get the shoes on. Make sure to give the dog lots of praise and possibly a treat when their wearing them. Start with short walks then build up to going outside on longer walks.

Just remember to be patient with your dog. If your dog is like Charlotte she won’t wear the shoes but she will be a great sport or it will at least be a very good laugh.  Check them out on Amazon.

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